Relationship between Groovy and Groovy++ projects (integration feasibility and roadmap)

What exactly is the relationship of Groovy++ with Groovy project is a question that seemed to be causing a great deal of confusion in groovy users. Every other day someone would ask on one mailing list or the other “yes, we like what Groovy++ provides but, was Groovy++ going to get merged into Groovy, or did it intend to directly compete with Groovy, etc” and then the unplanned (and sometimes heated) discussions on the mailing lists would start and that didn’t really help the matters.

So, Alex Tkachman, the manager of Groovy++ has taken the initiative to clarify where Groovy++ stands in relation to core Groovy, what it currently offers over it, where it deviates and how soon he expects it to stably integrate with core Groovy. Here is a link to the discussion on Groovy/Groovy++ marriage roadmap with the core teams of both the projects involved:

I hope it will present a clear and consistent picture to the users of groovy ecosystem.