Sepang race is washed out – well, 50%!

The race at Sepang was first of its kind for me – one that did not complete because it rained in buckets. I have seen races in past where it rained sometimes but not as much to suspend the race!
The commentator mentioned that there was water accumulating from the hills nearby and the circuit did not have very good drainage facility!

It was very confusing for drivers for some time as they did not know whether the race was officially over or whether they would be called upon to their duties again.

In the end, they suspended the race and awarded only half the points to drivers as the race was not 75% complete.

Good showing by Brawn GP and Toyota again. Once again, Brawn had both its drivers on the podium.

On another note, it seems like McLaren and Hamilton are not out of the soup on Hamilton-Trulli incident of the first race. FIA is finding both the team and the driver in violation of code of conduct because the hid information from race stewards in the hearing. Let’s see. it would be a shame to lose McLaren so early in the season but they are not helping themselves with these frequent “incidents” they are tangling in.