F1 – As exiting a sport as they get

I fell in love with F1 at the start of 2005 season. I had never watched a F1 race before and then I was staying just minutes away from Albert Park when 2005 season opener race took place. The screeching sounds that were there on the TV were also coming in from the windows and that was love-at-first-sound for me!

I have not missed watching any race since then. I wish I had started following the sport earlier! I missed the thrill of Senna’s racing!

Although I came to know about Michael Schumacher’s recent domination of F1, I really started watching it when he was drawing curtains. I didn’t miss him completely though. I saw him fighting tooth and nails with Alonso in the last races of his career and also saw him “stalled” at Monaco 2006 qualifying. If I now read somewhere about his past “incidents” with Senna, Villeneuve, or Damon Hill, I can immediately relate to the “fighting” spirit Schumi had!

Coming to recent seasons, unlike some seasons prior to them, last 3 seasons have thrown 3 different champions – Alonso in 2006, Kimi in 2007 and Hamilton in 2008.

The way 2009 has started, it gives hope that we may see a different car winning again this year. May be Brawn GP, may be Toyota, may be good-old Ferrari, who knows! Back-benchers in last 2-3 seasons, both Brawn(Honda earlier) and Toyota have started this season much better!

Hope that 2009 will not be a 1-2 team showdown all the way and the fight from other teams will be harder! May Force India open its account too this year!!