Melbourne kicks off F1 2009 in style

Wait is finally over and F1 2009 season has kicked off!
The season opening race of 2009 has taken place at Albert Park, Melbourne.

From the pre-season talks, it was an open secret that McLaren was not going to open with a very good package but performance of Brawn GP was a real surprise!

It was disappointing to know that Honda was getting out of F1 racing and Button and Barrichello might not race in 2009. And then came the late news that it was going to get reincarnated as Brawn GP. I guess the Ross Brawn believed too much in the investments that had been made in the team in last season and half. It seems he had stopped developments on the under-performing 2008 car in mid-season and started on the developments for the next year and what a pay-off the team is getting from that headstart!

Apart from Brawn GP sweeping 1st and 2nd positions on the debut, the other exciting event of the race was the penalty that Trulli got for overtaking Hamilton under the safety car, which then turned back on its head when stewards re-investigated the incident and found that McLaren had held back some information in the hearing and and disqualified Hamilton and McLaren from the race. It seems Trulli tried to let Hamilton re-overtake him to make up for his own overtaking but Hamilton did not accept Trulli’s offer.

McLaren suspended the fellow who represented them at the hearing. The poor guy had worked with McLaren for more than 15 years and then he (mis)represented McLaren at the hearing and got kicked out. Swift actions by both teams and drivers in this arena – on and off the field!

And then there was that last-laps collision between 2nd position Kubica and 3rd position Vettel. Their in-the-heat-of-the-moment collision promoted Barrichello from 4th to 2nd spot.

Good result for the “nice guy” Barrichello who more often than not says “after you” when the cars get too close 🙂